Uncapped internet explained

Internet connections come in all shapes and sizes. This diversity allows individuals and businesses across the globe to access the world wide web using a means that suits them best. It also encourages ISPs to offer competitively priced broadband deals which, in turn, allows more consumers the opportunity to have immediate access to the ever-growing digital realm of information. In this guide, our focus is on uncapped internet. Here, we’ll discuss what it means to have an “uncapped” connection and we will help you to decide if this type of internet service is for you.

In This Guide:

What is uncapped internet?

Uncapped refers to an internet package where data never runs out and connectivity is never severed. Instead, during each month of your contract, your internet service provider will issue you with unlimited GB (gigabytes) to use at your discretion.

An uncapped connection is ideal for those who use the internet often. For example, if you frequently download or upload large files, partake in online gaming, or stream movies, then an uncapped package will be accommodating (and probably save you tons of money).  

Can I get uncapped mobile data?

Many South African internet users have become accustomed to uncapped fibre and DSL connections. But what about those who rely on mobile data to go online? Can data for mobile devices be purchased with an uncapped package option?

In short, the answer is “yes”. Many ISPs are now offering uncapped LTE and 5G plans. However, uncapped LTE and 5G plans do tend to come with a very aggressive FUP (Fair Usage Policy). A FUP restricts individuals from taking unfair advantage of their uncapped network and ensures that all users get a seamless internet experience. For example, if you use more than a certain predetermined amount of data in a given timeframe, then your provider may slow down your transmission speeds.

Uncapped v capped plans

With an uncapped connection there’s:

  • No limit to the amount of data you use per month.
  • No costly data top-ups that are required.
  • No need to constantly check how much data you’re using or how much you have left.


With a capped connection there’s:

  • The inconvenience of having to top-up data if you run out.
  • The possibility of paying hefty data top-up bills that can add up to cost more than what an uncapped package would.
  • Lower prices if you don't exceed your limit

Focusing on the costs - if you use the internet regularly to upload and download large files, then an uncapped connection may be a more cost-effective solution. If you use the internet infrequently to do small tasks such as checking your emails or to do quick online banking, then a capped package may be a more affordable alternative for your needs.

Choosing an uncapped fibre internet plan

Have you decided that an uncapped internet package is for you? Then your first step is to check if fibre broadband is available in your area. If fibre cables have been laid in your suburb, then you’ll be able to subscribe to an uncapped fibre internet deal immediately. If fibre has yet to be brought to your location, then an uncapped LTE plan is an option.

Remember to shop around for internet deals before settling on the first package you stumble upon. By doing your homework and comparing plans, you’ll be able to pick the best internet plan at a price you are happy with.

How to find the best uncapped internet deals

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