Budgeting for data and internet costs has become the norm for most South Africans. Whilst data rates have dropped considerably, consumers are still looking for ways to access the net without breaking the bank. Enter night data. Nighttime data provides individuals with an opportunity to browse their favourite websites, download and upload files, and stream movies at fraction of the cost of daytime data bundles.

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What is night data?

Night data bundles can only be used between midnight and 5 am on any day of the week. MTN offers this service via a product called Night Express.

Night Express data cannot be used during the day, instead, it allows you to browse the internet at affordable rates in the middle of the night. Because not many people are awake during its accessible hours, MTN can afford to offer the data at reduced prices.

Night data works exactly the same as daytime data and maintains the same internet speed and stability that you would experience from 5 am to 12 am.

What time does MTN night express start?

Previously, MTN customers could use their Night Express data between 12 am and 6 am. However, on the 2nd of March 2020, the internet service provider reduced this validity period from 12:01 am to 4:59 am. This gives people a total of 5 hours to access their Night Express bundle.

Many customers have claimed that there is a method to access night data during the day, but the legitimacy of this practice has not been endorsed by MTN.

Who is the MTN Night Express for?

Night data is for people who are trying to cut down on their data expenditure. Even though data rates in South Africa have been drastically reduced over the past year, they are still frustratingly high. If you are looking to save on data, then MTN Night Express may help you to remain well within your budget as you get more bang for your buck.  

Night data is perfect for students who need to access online learning material, for businessmen who need to download large files, and night owls who enjoy streaming their favourite shows.

How much does MTN night data cost?

Daily Night Express bundles can be purchased for as little as R5 for 250MB and R10 for 1GB once-off. Keep in mind, however, that daily bundles are valid for one night only on the date of activation.

Monthly Night Express bundles provide more value for money. Current price plans are as follows:

  • 2GB - R149.00
  • 3GB - R199.00
  • 5GB - R299.00
  • 6GB - R349.00
  • 10GB - R469.00          
  • 20GB - R599.00          
  • 30GB - R699.00
  • 50GB - R799.00
  • 100GB - R999.00


*These values are subject to change.

Nighttime bundles can also form part of contract deals or daytime bundle offers, so you may want to keep an eye out for these specials.

How do I buy MTN night data?

The MTN Night Express data bundles are available to all Pay As You Go and contract customers. They are offered as daily or monthly bundles and can be purchased via self-service channels such as airtime wallets or by dialling 173 for assistance.

All monthly bundles are valid for a 30-day period but can be renewed by purchasing another bundle. Any unused value will expire after a 30-day period, or after 24-hours in the case of a daily nighttime bundle. If you have subscribed to a monthly data plan, then these terms and conditions may differ.

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