ADSL was good while it lasted – but now that the fibre bug has bitten, you’re ready for a faster and ultimately superior internet connection. We understand why you want to make the move. Your first step towards faster download speeds is to cancel your ADSL line with Telkom. While this communications provider had a bad rep for its cancellation processes in the past, it has improved its customer service so that cancelling a subscription is now easier than before. Allow us to walk you through the steps.

In This Guide:

Telkom’s 30-day notice period

Before you start the Telkom ADSL cancellation process, it’s good to know that the provider requests that a 30-day cancellation notice period is given.

The 30 days’ notice period means that customers who cancel their ADSL line will very likely still receive at least one or more invoices before the service is terminated. This all depends on the billing cycle.

How to cancel your Telkom ADSL line

All Telkom ADSL users are encouraged to cancel their subscriptions using the provider’s online self-service portal. Registered users with an active profile can click the “log-in” button to immediately initiate the cancellation process. If you do not yet have an online Telkom profile, select the “register” button to activate your online profile.

Continue with the following steps:

  1. Access your online Telkom profile and click on “Manage Accounts”
  2. Select your ADSL service from the list of accounts, then select “Cancel”
  3. Fill in the required fields and upload any supporting documents (for example, a copy of your ID, or CK documents if you are cancelling a business account)

Important to note:

  • Once you have submitted your cancellation request, you will be issued a reference number that will reflect on your account. Make sure that you know what this number is and where to find it. You will need this number if you have to escalate your request or raise a dispute.
  • If you have an internet contract linked to your Telkom ADSL line, you will need to cancel that service before you submit your request to cancel your ADSL line.
  • Penalties may incur if you are cancelling your contract before it has reached the end of its term.
  • Any disputes regarding your bill following your cancellation can be raised by contacting the billing department on 10210.

Can you cancel your Telkom account using email?

E-mail cancellation requests are being phased out completely and all Telkom account holders are prompted to complete the cancellation of their subscriptions online via the company’s self-service portal.

What happens after you have submitted your cancellation documents?

Your cancellation request will be processed 7 working days after you have uploaded and sent all the correct documents. Your subscription will run as usual until the 30-day notice period has lapsed. During this time, your bill will run as normal. On day 30, your cancellation order will be completed, and your service will be terminated. Expect one final bill on day 60. This bill will reflect your subscription fee for the time during the 30-day notice period, any penalties that were incurred due to the early termination of the contract, and possible refunds.

Helpful tips for cancelling your Telkom ADSL line

  • If the Telkom administrator finds that your request is not clear enough, you may receive a call from this department to clarify your cancellation. This will help the provider to ensure that they are processing the correct details and instructions. This call can also serve as a reminder to all clients that they may need to back up any information that’s contained in an email address linked to the ADSL account before the cancellation is finalised. According to Telkom, it will attempt to contact a client 3 times before the cancellation process can be completed.
  • To speed up the cancellation process, make sure that you enter all the correct details from the beginning and double-check that supporting documents are correct and up to date.
  • If you can’t get through a day without internet access, then make sure you install your new fibre connection before you initiate the cancellation of your ADSL line. A fibre broadband order can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks to be completed, so it’s best to have a back-up option while you wait.
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