About Beame

Beame introduces itself to the South African market as an affordable way to keep vehicles and valuables safe. The tracking unit is powered by MiX Telematics, a leading global provider of fleet management, driver safety, and vehicle tracking solutions. The brand developed Beame to provide individuals and businesses with a means to protect their movable assets without having to spend a fortune to access a flawless system that works effectively.

Why Choose Beame’s Tracking Device and Service?

Beame has become a pioneer in the tracking industry and today boasts one of the best recovery rates in South Africa. It is a wireless recovery device that has been built to be discrete, completely mobile, and infallible. The tracking unit is also conveniently flexible and can be installed on any type of vehicle that has a number plate. From hatchbacks, sedans, and bakkies to motorbikes, quad bikes and trailers, Beame is unerring in its effectiveness.

As a tracking unit, Beame boasts simplicity from start to finish. It can easily be purchased online and installation can be done within days.

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What Is Beame Protect?

Beame Protect is an additional service provided by the company that works in conjunction with the tracking unit. It offers subscribers access to a professional roadside assistance service, which includes full roadside assistance for several scenarios. If you’re travelling and you find yourself in distress, you can call Beame’s 24-hour contact centre and request help for the following incidents:

  • Your battery is flat and you cannot start your vehicle
  • You have locked your key/s in your vehicle
  • You have a flat tyre
  • You run out of petrol
  • Your car has a mechanical or electrical breakdown

Key Features

  • National Network Coverage
    The tracking device can be located across the country.
  • Dedicated Recovery Teams
    The tracker works in conjunction with teams of skilled agents who are dedicated to finding stolen vehicles.
  • Free Recovery
    There are no additional charges nor hidden fees to recover a stolen movable asset.
  • Beame Smartphone App
    The app allows you to view your unit’s status, report a stolen vehicle, request insurance information, and more.
  • Accident Assist
    This falls under Beame Protect and offers assistance, including medical care, when you and your vehicle have been in an accident.
  • Low-Battery Alert
    You will be notified when your unit’s battery runs low.
  • Smart Wireless Technology
    This helps to keep the device hidden and undetectable within your vehicle.

Other Features

  • Quick Installation
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • VESA Approved
  • ABS Approved
  • Fines, License, Pothole, and Bail Assist (with Beame Protect)


The Beame tracker is one of South Africa’s more affordable vehicle security products. The price starts at as little as R80 per month for 36 months (with hardware installation included in the cost). However, this price can increase depending on how flexible you need the service to be and which additional features you’d like included in your plan. For example, if you want to add the Beame Protect service, then there’s an additional cost of R70 per month.

* These prices are subject to change.