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Your health should be your number one priority and you should safeguard it at all costs. However, this can be difficult if you're a student in South Africa who is trying to save every penny you earn. You might feel young and healthy right now, but life is unpredictable and you could be struck down by illness or injury at any moment; when it happens and you're left with mammoth medical bills, you'll wish that you got the correct level of cover earlier. If you're confused about getting medical aid for students, here is a comprehensive guide that will answer any questions you have about getting covered:

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What is medical aid?

In short, medical aid is a type of health insurance that makes your medical bills much more affordable. However, medical aid differs from regular insurance in that it pays for specific treatments; insurance is more money orientated and once you surpass your payment threshold, you are no longer covered against any more medical expenses.

There are a variety of plans available with medical aid, which depend on your unique circumstances as well as your budget. The hospital plan is a popular scheme that covers you against medical emergencies at the hospital, while gap cover can account for the costs that occur outside of the hospital in regards to aftercare.

Can students get medical aid?

Absolutely! Medical aid is specifically aimed at those with a low income who still want to safeguard their health. When you're focusing on your studies, the last thing you want to worry about is hefty medical expenses that take up a large portion of your income. However, instead of ignoring medical aid and hoping that you never fall sick, it's important to make it a priority. Luckily, there are a variety of income-based medical aid schemes available that are calculated based on your current earnings as well as the specific level of cover you need.

What do I need to apply for medical aid?

You might think that applying for medical aid is a long and lengthy process, but this couldn't be further from the truth. All you need are a few pieces of documentation that prove your identity and income, and you can start your journey to full medical coverage.

Firstly, you need a certified copy of your identification documents, like a passport or birth certificate; this has to be a real version and not just a photocopy. As a student, you'll also need to provide proof that you are a student at a recognised educational institute. Finally, you might need a bank statement or payslip that shows three months of your past wages, to make sure you are eligible for medical aid. Once you have all of these documents, send them to your company of choice who will give you a free quote based on your circumstances. You'll have around 30 days to consider their offer.

What does medical aid cover?

You'll be surprised at just how much medical aid will cover. Ideal for people with pre-existing medical conditions, medical aid does not discriminate against any long-term health complaint; you'll be offered a fair price based on your specific condition.

Medical aid is also the perfect thing to have in the event of an emergency, as it covers a vast array of hospital fees depending on the scheme you choose. More than just medication and basic checkups, medical aid can cover the cost of MRI scans as well as CT scans. If you have a family to look out for, medical aid can also cover the cost of certain maternity expenses.

How can I get cheap medical aid?

There are a lot of medical aid providers out there all claiming to be the cheapest and most efficient on the market. However, a lot of companies will hit you with hidden costs instead of actually covering your medical expenses. If you're wondering how to get cheap medical aid, the best advice is to shop around. Invest in companies with clear and concise policies; choose a company with a friendly team of workers who will answer any questions you have, and will give useful recommendations about the most useful policies for you.

Compare medical aid online

Shopping for the right medical cover can be confusing, especially if you're a student who is overwhelmed by the different deals and policies available. You need a reliable online site that allows you to easily compare medical aid companies. We understand that you want the very best deal for your money, which is why our online site compares medical aid companies, so you can find the very best one for your individual circumstances.

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