Vehicle recovery vs vehicle tracking

Let’s be frank. South Africa can be a dangerous place to own a vehicle. In fact, there are over 55,000 vehicles reported stolen in the region every year. This reality means that you need to put extra security measures in place to keep your car and your family safe.

In this guide, we’ll differentiate between vehicle recovery and vehicle tracking, so that you can determine which is the best service for you. We’ll also highlight the value of a car alarm system. Our hope is that you will never become one of the statistics and find yourself at the police station filling in a stolen car report.

In This Guide:

What is vehicle recovery?

Vehicle recovery is a security measure offered by many security companies in South Africa. It’s a basic service that helps a vehicle tracking company or law enforcement to track down your vehicle or other modes of transport if they are stolen. Your vehicle is tracked by means of a tracking device that’s discreetly placed in your car at the start of your contract.

Vehicle recovery is a simpler offering when compared to vehicle tracking. It’s more suited to those who are not too concerned about the intricate details surrounding the whereabouts of their vehicle. In other words, the recovery of your vehicle will be completely left up to the professionals and you won’t be able to monitor its movement and whereabouts on your own.

What is vehicle tracking?

Vehicle tracking works similar to vehicle recovery systems, except you, the consumer, will also be able to access the information concerning your vehicle or property’s movements. A GPS tracking device will be positioned in your vehicle and this technology will then sync with an application that you’ll be able to access via a computer or smartphone.

Depending on the type of vehicle tracking package you’re subscribed to, you may also be able to access other handy features using this system. For example, some vehicle tracking system plans allow you to pinpoint locations, search traffic information, and view a street view of your car’s location. Some of the premium vehicle tracking systems can even provide you with information concerning you’re driving behaviour patterns such as speeding and harsh braking and acceleration.

Vehicle Recovery vs Vehicle Tracking: Which is best?

When it comes to choosing between vehicle recovery and vehicle tracking, then you need to revise your lifestyle, your budget, and your needs to determine which service is best for you.

Vehicle recovery is a cheaper option that will help to keep your insurance premiums low and will also increase your chances of finding your vehicle in the event that it’s stolen.

While vehicle tracking is more costly, you generally get more bang for your buck. Apart from being in favour with your insurance company, you will also have access to features such as real-time tracking apps, panic buttons, and driving reports. So, if you want to keep a firm hand on your vehicle, its whereabouts, and the safety of you and your family, then vehicle tracking is the best option for you.

What about car alarm systems?

Alarm systems are another way of protecting your vehicle, in fact, they help to deter criminals from invading your car before they can even attempt to steal it.

In the past, car alarm systems were easy to override, but with modern technology, they are becoming impossible for thieves to deactivate.  They are therefore a proactive means of keeping your car and other modes of transport safe – and, they are also a means of keeping your insurance premiums low.

Other advantages of car alarm systems include:

  • The protection of your investment: The odds are that a large sum of your hard-earned cash was used to buy your car, so it stands to reason that you’ll want to protect your investment. A car alarm system is an affordable way of protecting your vehicle and its contents from car theft.  
  • Peace of mind: Installing a car alarm system will allow you to sleep better at night knowing that your vehicle is well secured. You will also be able to park your car and go about your business without feeling anxious about its safekeeping. Sometimes this peace of mind alone is worth the extra cost.
  • Quicker theft recovery: Some car alarms systems also include a tracking device, so if your vehicle is stolen, your alarm provider will be able to advise law enforcement of its location. This means that your car is more likely to be recovered and returned to you.
  • Add bespoke features: Advanced car alarm systems come with added features that allow you to customise your security system to best suit your needs. Added functionality can include remote engine start/stop, passive keyless entry, and customisable alarm tones and volume.

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