About MX3

MX3 is an innovative vehicle and personal safety product by Matrix. The core purpose of the device and accompanying service is to provide advanced stolen vehicle recovery technology. However, as the company’s flagship system, the MX3’s use goes beyond mitigating the risks of theft and hi-jacking. It has been developed to provide users with overall peace of mind and safety.

Why Choose Matrix’s MX3?

By combining features that enforce safety with a flawless tracking system, the Matrix MX3 vehicle tracker can be regarded as one of South Africa’s most advanced consumer tracking units. If a complete lifestyle solution for all your vehicle responsibilities is what you want, then the MX3 provides insurmountable security, personal safety features, and additional value-added services.

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Vehicle Tracking

As a vehicle tracking device, the MX3 has been developed to sync with live tracking technology to give users instant and accurate updates on where their vehicle is. The hardware syncs with an on-the-go smartphone application so that the monitoring of a car’s whereabouts can be done instantly without having to contact any third parties.

As one of the best in its class, the MX3 has received excellent reviews for providing advanced vehicle positioning tools as well as keeping tabs on vehicle expenses. You’ll also receive alerts directly to your smartphone if your vehicle is tampered with or is moved without your consent.


Personal Safety

The MX3’s superior technology not only allows for the pro-active management of your car’s security, but it has also been designed to aid in personal safety and the well-being of family members and friends who tag along for the ride. This added service will provide you with peace of mind and a course of action in the event of an emergency. With just a click of a button, a trained professional will be by your side in no time to give you the assistance that you need. If you’re in an accident, an instant alert will be sent to Matrix’s emergency centre.

Key Features

  • GPS Pinpoint Positioning
    To detect the exact real-time location of your vehicle.
  • Smartphone Tracking
    This allows you to track the whereabouts of your vehicle, at any time via your Smartphone.
  • GeoLoc Advanced Alert
    An alert is sent to you and Matrix if your car is driven without your consent.
  • Harsh Events Reporting
    Receive alerts when your vehicle is being driven harshly or exceeds speed limits.
  • Crash Alert
    In the event of a serious accident, an impact sensor will instantly trigger and alert emergency services to dispatch to your location.
  • Roadside and Medical Assistance
    In the unfortunate event of a breakdown or a medical emergency, you can call Matrix to request the immediate dispatch of help to your exact location

Other Features

  • NoGo-Zones
  • Jamming Detection
  • Back-up Battery
  • Tax Logbook
  • Service Notifications
  • Panic Remote
  • Border Alerts
  • X-ray Vision
  • Insurance Approvals & Discounts


The MX3 is offered to customers with two price options to choose from. You can purchase the hardware separately for R3 530 and pay a monthly service fee of R217 OR you can select the bundle option and subscribe to a monthly fee of R318 per month for 36 months (this includes hardware and installation).

If your vehicle is stolen and is eventually recovered, then you won’t have to pay any vehicle recovery charges to Matrix.

* Note that these prices are subject to change.