About Mtrack

Mtrack is a vehicle and asset tracking company that plays a dominant role in its sector. Originating in Europe, the brand recognized a dire need for upping security in South Africa and as such, they have been servicing individuals and businesses across the country since 2003. As a tracking solutions provider, Mtrack’s aim is to provide a comprehensive, world-class security and loss control service. Essentially, they offer a one-stop-shop in terms of protecting valuables against hijackings, theft, and other forms of crime.

Why Choose Mtrack’s Tracking Companion?

Mtrack markets itself as the only true provider of a wireless, self-contained, self-powered, and completely mobile tracking unit. Their flawless tracking hardware is matched with an unimpaired system that has secured the brand the reputation for having an average asset recovery rate of 96% (which is undoubtedly one of the best worldwide recovery turnovers).

As a tracking security company, Mtrack offers a range of asset tracking and recovery hardware, with their products MtrackWAR and MtrackSCOUT being at the forefront of vehicle recovery systems.

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Mtrack’s Unique Advantages

If you are looking for a tracking device that goes beyond simply allocating the whereabouts of a registered vehicle, then Mtrack has the solution. Boasting flexibility and discretion, you will have the option to protect a wide range of assets. From standard vehicles to caravans, boats, and machinery, the Mtrack system knows no bounds. Some users even install the device on smaller assets such as generators, air conditioners, and computers, etc. to keep tabs on their movement. In short, nearly any type of movable item can be protected.


Key Features

  • National GSM Network Coverage
    Seamlessly track your vehicle and valuables across South Africa.
  • Secure Cloud-Based User Interface
    Use your computer or Smartphone to track your movable assets in real-time.
  • Live GPS Pinpoint Positioning
    Track your assets in real-time without connection interferences.
  • Speed Detection and Reports
    Receive alerts and reports when a vehicle exceeds a speed limit.
  • Alert Management
    Choose which type of alerts you would like to receive to your Smartphone.
  • Movement Notifications
    Receive notifications if your asset/s move without your consent or are being tampered with.
  • Accident \ Crash Alerts
    If your vehicle is in an accident, alerts will automatically be sent to the Mtrack call centre and emergency services will be deployed to the location.

Other Features

  • Approved by major insurers
  • Customisable Dashboards
  • Border proximity alerts
  • Extensive automated reports in multiple formats (Excel, CSV, PDF)
  • Zone Management (POI, No-Go, Keep-in)
  • Vehicle license renewal reminder notifications
  • Vehicle service reminder notifications


Because Mtrack services both consumers and businesses, price-plans can vary quite considerably depending on how many features you would like access to. Overall, the fee structure is competitive and while the company doesn’t list the most affordable tracking solutions in South Africa, it’s not the most expensive provider either.

Useful to note: unlike many tracking providers who do not charge a vehicle recovery fee, Mtrack requests a stolen vehicle recovery fee of R650 per hour.

* Please note that fees are subject to change.