Cars don’t come cheap and so it makes sense to keep yours safe. Whether you’re on the road or parked in the street, there are measures you can put in place to make sure that your car stays in your possession, and in one piece.

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How to keep your car secure

Criminal minds can often be hard to keep up with – unfortunately. But by implementing our strategies below, you’re going to create quite the challenge for any ne'er-do-wells who have their eyes on your vehicle.

You can secure your car by:

  • Keeping your car keys out of sight. The last thing you want to do is tempt someone into stealing your belongings by making it super easy for them. If a criminal can pinch your keys, then all your other efforts may be null and void. 
  • Hide your valuables. Make sure that you don’t leave any enticing items such as cell phones, laptops, and expensive-looking clothes in your vehicle. If you must keep them in there, make sure they are not visible.
  • Park in safe areas. In South Africa, we have car guards on our side. They’re not everywhere to be found, however, which means that there are still many hotspots that may make your vehicle a vulnerable target. Try to park in safe zones if you’re forced to park out in the street. Tip – opt for well-lit spots if you’re parking your vehicle at night.
  • Drive and park with your doors locked and your windows up. The easiest way for someone to steal or hi-jack a vehicle is when you welcome them with an opening.
  • Install anti-smash and grab film on your car windows. This film makes it harder for thieves to smash your windows. It also encourages a louder “smashing” noise, which can potentially ward off the “bad guys”.
  • Install a steering wheel lock. This will not only dissuade thieves from stealing your vehicle, but it will make it very hard for them to get away with it if they’re up for the attempt.

How to prevent car theft

To ultimately prevent car theft and ensure the security of your car, it may be worth calling in  the professionals. You can install a car alarm system or a GPS tracking device – or both!

Car Alarm Systems

Car alarms come in many different forms. You get immobilizers that prevent your car from being started unless the proper key fob is used and you get sensors that activate sirens when they’re disturbed. Any type of car alarm system can work as an anti-theft mechanism for your vehicle.

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking is currently the most popular way of ultimately securing a vehicle – it’s also favoured by many insurance companies. With this technique, you will need to approach a vehicle tracking company who can install a GPS device in your vehicle and then connect it to equipment that can diligently track it. So, even if your vehicle is stolen, the chances of it being recovered will increase significantly. Use our comparison service to get a quote for a vehicle tracking plan and keep an eye on your car.

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