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While installing a car tracking device won’t guarantee that your vehicle won’t get stolen, it is a measure that will help you to potentially recover it if it does. It’s a security unit that can help keep you and your property safe in a country where car theft is, unfortunately, prevalent.

In South Africa, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to vehicle tracking providers. This makes shopping around for the best one for your needs a little overwhelming. To help you narrow down your options, we’ve reviewed three of Money Expert SA’s favourite vehicle security companies: Beame, Matrix, and M-Track.

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Beam-e maintains an extremely high stolen vehicle recovery rate, making it a very popular choice amongst South African consumers. Its compact device and versatile plan options make it suited to almost all vehicle types and even commercial entities will find some of the products useful.

The company also offers different levels of coverage, which can include anything from basic vehicle recovery to full-on vehicle tracking. For example, with their premium package, you will receive the GPS tracking device, a web/mobile app with real-time smart tracking functionality, and you can even add roadside and accident assistance, licensing assistance, and pothole assistance to your plan.

  • Pros: Versatile plans to meet all needs and high vehicle recovery rate. 
  • Cons: Extra add-cons can become costly.
  • Price: From R142.22 per month


Matrix diversifies its offerings by providing custom-made packages that focus both on individual safety as well as the safety of your investments, i.e. your car. From basic packages that will help you to reduce your insurance premiums to complex packages that will allow you to have a firm hand on your personal security and your vehicle’s whereabouts, Matrix will have a plan that best suits your needs.

Let’s look at the company’s MX2 Enhanced Safety package as an example of their offerings. Here we have a comprehensive service that includes device fitment, geo-fencing, a tracking application, a panic remote, harsh events reporting, border alerts, and a back-up battery service – to name but a few.

  • Pros: The company focuses both on individual safety as well as the safety of vehicles. 
  • Cons: Slightly more expensive than other vehicle tracking companies. 
  • Price: R160.39 per month


M-track gets our nod of approval for being the only provider of a truly wireless, self-contained, and self-powered tracking unit. The company also boasts a 95% vehicle recovery rate.

M-track is one of the go-to vehicle tracking providers in South Africa because it caters to all types of consumers. Whether you’re an individual who needs to up the security on your car, a trucking company that needs to improve fleet management or a farmer who wants to keep a firmer hand on equipment, M-track will have a solution for you.

  • Pros: The company caters to all types of people and businesses and offers bespoke solutions. 
  • Cons: The packages may be too complex for someone who just wants basic vehicle recovery. 
  • Price: Contact M-track for a quote

The Best Vehicle Tracking Companies: Which one is for me?

When it comes down to choosing the best vehicle tracking company, then you first need to consider what is important to you. You can ask yourself the following questions to find some clarity:

  • Do you simply want to lower your insurance premiums?
  • How dedicated are you to your vehicle? Will you miss it if it’s gone?
  • Would you like to be able to track your own vehicle?
  • Would you like to monitor your driving to keep your car in great shape?
  • Would you like to feel safe and secure while driving your car?
  • What’s your budget like?

Once you know what type of vehicle security you need, then it will be easier to decide which company can best meet your expectations. We encourage you to read through our reviews, once again, to decipher which of our three suggestions will be the ultimate fit for you.

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