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Taking out travel insurance as a group is a great way to save money. If you’re travelling with a group of friends (a group of 10 or more), all going to the same destination over the same time period, you could pay a much cheaper premium for your cover. You may also receive other benefits such as higher baggage cover.Plus it will also mean only one policy has to be taken out, so saves everyone from having to look for their own cover. Whether you’re a large family going to a wedding abroad, a group of students going on a summer holiday, or perhaps some friends going away to do some volunteering, it’s definitely worth having a look into group travel insurance.

In This Guide:

What is covered in group travel insurance

Group travel insurance will cover you for the same things as standard travel insurance:

Emergency medical bills and related costs – the most important reason you purchase travel insurance is to ensure you are covered if you end up in hospital. An emergency trip to the hospital abroad could cost you thousands so knowing your insurer will pick up the costs is a great relief.

Lost, stolen and damaged baggage or possessions – If an airline looses your baggage, you’re a victim of theft, or a valuable possession like your camera is damaged a travel insurance policy should cover you

Personal-liability cover – If you have to payout for damage you may have done to someone else or their possession personal liability cover will pick up the financial cost

Cancellation, curtailment or delays – If you have to cut your trip short due to an emergency like a family bereavement, or your flight is cancelled or delayed travel insurance will relieve some of the stress. However this is why it is so important to get your insurance as soon as you book your holiday as you will only be covered for cancelling your trip if you have the insurance already.

What is excluded in group travel insurance?

Travelling separately - if you decided to purchase group travel insurance the most important thing to remember is you must be travelling together. If someone from your group is travelling at a separate time or going to a different airport they won’t be covered.

Age – If you’re travelling in a big group to a family wedding for instance and you have grandparent travelling with you, they would not be covered in group travel insurance. Senior travel insurance is more specialized so it’s best to find a separate insurance policy that’s suited to them.

Alcohol – Group holidays are super fun and can get rowdy especially when alchol is in the mix, but remember if you have an accident whilst under the influence of alcohol there is a high chance your insurance  will be invalid

Sports – It’s likely adventurous sports won’t be covered in your policy. Something you may consider as not that adventurous like horse riding may not be included, so remember to read all your terms and conditions when planning group excursions. Insurers will allow you to add sports travel insurance for an additional premium

Travel tips and insurance

Pre-existing medical conditions – Remember the payout for pre-existing medical insurance is often less than emergency medical assistance or may be excluded altogether from your policy. Ensure you are aware of everyones health before you purchase a group deal.  For example if anyone is travelling within the group who has been advised not to by their doctor, they will not be covered.

Compare – To get the best deal it is a good idea to compare travel insurance policies online.

Check and double check – Always check your exclusions you don’t want to be hit by a nasty surprise when you go to claim and find out you were not covered

Save money – If you agree as a group to pay a higher excess, your premium (the amount you pay for the insurance) will be lower. Make do sure that everyone can afford the excess.

Look out for each other – Once your on holiday, stick together this will make sure you’re less likely to be a victim of crime if  you’re in a group and not on your own

Emergency numbers – take note of all emergency numbers in the new country you’re in and remember if you do end up being robbed or a victim of another crime, it’s important to tell your insurer within the first 24 hours, you will need a crime reference number from the police.

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