Vodacom launches its Remote Office solutions plan

Vodacom is continuing to adapt its business offerings in response to changes brought about during the COVID-19 pandemic, now adding a dedicated remote working plan.

The introduction of Vodacom Business Remote Office will help South African companies to embrace digital transformation so that they can continue to remain productive and competitive.

Vodacom hopes that this new solution will help employers and employees to navigate remote or hybrid work settings, thus securing collaboration and turnover.

The structure of this new plan supports a recent study by Accenture, titled “The Future of Work: Productive Anywhere”. In this study, it was found that 83% of employees prefer a hybrid work, where they can work from home between 25% and 75% of the time.

Taking Accenture’s study a step further, Vodacom’s own research found that local businesses are prioritising investments in new solutions that will help employees to work flexibly and remotely, with cybersecurity being an important factor.

This growing need for safe and reliable remote working solutions was the impetus behind the conception of the Remote Office plan by Vodacom.

According to the company, the idea is to leverage next-generation, cloud-smart technology that will deliver a robust internet service through a single service provider. Vodacom is adamant that this streamlined approach will cut costs while allowing businesses to collaborate across devices and locations.

The Remote Office plan offers:

  • Business-grade internet access for home offices
  • The flexibility to choose between favoured solutions (LTE, Wireless, or Fibre)
  • High-level security with next-generation firewall capabilities
  • Real-time cloud-application monitoring
  • An uninterrupted power supply for power outages
  • Vodacom Business support

This new home office internet package is set to stabilise and secure connectivity and will reduce network strain. The plan has also been designed to get businesses up and running quickly, ensuring smooth transitions and an uninterrupted flow of business, even during power outages and subsequent network downtime.