South African homeschool provider launches a new online school

Local homeschooling provider, Impaq, has launched a new fully online school following the “stay at home” trend that has changed both education and professional work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The school officially opened for admissions on 21 September 2021 and currently caters to grade 7-11 learners.

A reliable internet connection is a requirement for enrolment since all lessons will be delivered virtually. Learners will be placed into online classes with the size of each class capped at 30 children. Highly qualified educators will be assigned to each class.

“Timetables will be a key component of the school and will include structured time to improve fitness and mental wellbeing. Learners will also be encouraged to participate in other activities, such as a robotics club and fitness events”, an Impaq spokesperson explained.

Apart from delivering quality lessons, the sophisticated learning platform will monitor the progress of each registered learner, in order to better provide a tailored, all-round educational experience.

To register as an Impaq online school learner, simply visit the Impaq website and navigate to the registration page. Interested applicants can click on the ‘online school’ option.

“Costs for the online school are competitive and will cover both books, exam fees and costs for practical exams”, Impaq said.

School fees will start from R2,200 per month for lower grades and higher-grade fees will start from R2,669 per month.