Rain partners with Huawei Cloud to enable online education across South Africa

With the COVID-19 pandemic triggering strong demand for accessible and affordable online infrastructure, ISP Rain has joined up with Huawei to develop an e-learning solution available across the country.

Rain is a wireless internet provider with package deals that make connecting to the internet in remote areas cheaper than before. But while it has the infrastructure to provide students with a means to go online, the company lacked an intelligent education solution to deploy effective digital learning.

To fill this gap, Rain partnered with Huawei so that they could have access to Huawei Cloud, which features an online SaaS learning solution called Learning Management System (LMS). This system met Rain’s requirements for deploying a digital learning system that offers:

  • Cloud-based functionality
  • A flexible business model
  • Fast TTM and low OPEX
  • Analytics and reporting functionality
  • Stability
  • Mobility
  • Optimal security
  • Cross-device compatibility

The system also encompasses big data functionality and provides superior decision making to leverage benefits that make the network an ultimate online learning solution to schools.

With education being a key focus for Rain since its inception in 2017, the company has driven several CSI initiatives to help connect educational institutions to the internet. However, with its new OPEX-based business model and Huawei’s established presence in over 800 universities and colleges, Rain has created a flawless portal that connects learners from any South African region to the best education systems.

Today, Huawei Cloud supports Rain around the clock and instantly responds to any issues within the agreed SLA terms. The result is the fast and seamless deployment of connectivity to the best online learning channels.

In a recent survey conducted by the department of basic education, one-third of the participants indicated that their home internet connection was not fast and stable enough to stream content for educational purposes.

Together, Rain and Huawei have created a learning solution that irons out the concerns of adequate internet speed and stability and they have provided a digital means to learning in a time where students find themselves predominantly homebound.