PS5s not likely to be found on SA’s shelves before Christmas

If your wish is for a brand new out-of-the-box PS5 this Christmas, then you may want to prepare yourself for disappointment. It’s true – unless you’re one of those very organized individuals who remembered to preorder, you may not find the latest version of the PlayStation console under your tree this year.

While the PS5 was successfully launched in South Africa on the 19th of November 2020 at a retail price starting at R9,999.99, limited in-store stock sold out in minutes and pre-order deliveries were complicated by logistical delays. This means that if you’re a last-minute shopper, you may just find the gaming set hard to come by.

So, while fibre broadband is spreading through the country like a runaway-fire in anticipation of the holidays, you may still find yourself with an outdated console come Boxing Day.

Business Insider cited Koodoo, who has exclusive rights to distribute the consoles, as saying:

“The PS5 units are on their way to us from Europe. While we will make every effort to get your PS5 to you before the 25th, we, unfortunately, cannot guarantee this due to supply chain challenges into the country.

Makro, one of South Africa’s largest retailers, is also battling with supply and is currently working hard with their suppliers to get enough stock in before the Christmas rush begins.

Unfortunately, South Africa is not one of Sony’s priority markets, with most of the stock being sent to the US market. Of course, Covid-19 has also played a role in slowing down receiving dates.

The good news (if you’re not biased towards PlayStation, that is) is that Microsoft’s Xbox Series X | S next-generation console has also recently made its debut. This leaves you with a back-up plan if you still do intend on using the holidays for some serious gaming on your fast internet connection.