Cheapest Cars to Insure

Shopping for a new or used car includes more than keeping safety, reliability, and fuel-efficient features in mind. If you’re restrained by budget (which most of us are), then you’ll also want to consider insurance costs. While insurance isn’t a legal requirement in South Africa, it is advisable to get cover for your car. In fact, many dealerships will insist that you have it in place before finalising a sale and, in the end, it’s in your best interest.

But insurance is an extra cost. Here, we’ll look at which cars are the cheapest to insure in South Africa, so that you can bear this in mind when searching for your next set of wheels. We’ll also take a quick look at some of the more expensive options when it comes to comprehensive cover.


What Are the Cheapest Cars to Insure?

  1. The Volkswagen Golf - Who would have thought that this would be the cheapest car to insure overall? And, at the same time, it’s also one of the easiest cars to repair and find parts for – making it ideal for those who need a practical medium-sized vehicle that doesn’t cost a lot to maintain (students and pensioners, we’re mostly talking about you here). With the VW Golf, the excess amount and the actual premiums per month are the cheapest when compared to other small and easy to repair cars.
  2. The VW Polo 2009 – Volkswagen gets a second mention on this list and for good reason. Popular for its great price and modest repair costs, the Polo 2009 model won’t break the bank when it comes to full-on comprehensive cover. For a minimal monthly premium, you can have access to roadside assistance, windscreen protection, towing and storage, and emergency cover in scenarios when the weather decides to suddenly turn (which is not uncommon in SA).
  3. The Toyota Yaris – The Yaris is another classy car option if VWs just aren’t your “thing”. In fact, it has the upper hand over the VW 2009 in that the insurance premiums are slightly less expensive. This lower rate still features similar comprehensive cover and, to add, you’ll have a fuel-efficient vehicle on your hands – so, you’ll get to save money in that department too!  
  4. The Corsa Lite 2009 – With this model, the monthly premiums are not far off the mark when compared to the Yaris and VW Golf, however, the average excess appears to be on the higher side. This can be compensated for though if you take into account that it is a more fuel-efficient vehicle with parts that are cheap and easy to come by.
  5. The Toyota Tazz – If you are willing to go for an older model car (with the last Toyota Tazz being made in 2006), then you’ll find the starting premium price for this vehicle-type to be extremely economic.  The catch, however, is the typically high excess costs, which averages the same as the Corsa Lite. What this basically means is that premiums are incredibly low, but if your Tazz is in an accident, then you’ll have to pay more throughout the claiming process.


What Are Some of The More Expensive Cars to Insure?

The list we shared with you above will surely give you some food for thought – and, it may even guide you towards the type of car you should be shopping for. However, a Corsa, Toyota, or VW may not meet your other needs, in which case, you’ll need to continue browsing dealerships whilst requesting insurance quotes.

To help you narrow down your selection of the overwhelming number of options, perhaps you will find this list of “most expensive cars to insure” helpful and insightful:

  • Toyota Hilux
  • Volkswagen CitiGolf
  • Toyota Venture
  • Isuzu KB280
  • Nissan Hardbody
  • Nissan 1400 bakkie
  • Isuzu KB250
  • Mitsubishi Colt
  • Toyota Quantum
  • Toyota Corolla

According to research conducted by Youth Village, the vehicles that are most frequently reported stolen in South Africa are the one’s we have included above – which is why the insurance premiums for these vehicles are so much higher.


Compare Car Insurance

To find accurately cheap car insurance, we encourage you to shop around and request quotes that include other cost-determining factors (such as your age, previous claim history, the age of your driver’s license, etc.). Use our free car insurance comparison tool to see what you could be paying. Simply enter a few details, and you will have different insurance plans to compare within minutes.