Afrihost and Axxess launch new uncapped Telkom LTE service

Afrihost and Axxess have partnered to announce the launch of their new uncapped Telkom LTE packages. These packages feature competitive rates and start from as little as R595 per month.

The service is compatible with all LTE devices, including smartphones, and only requires a SIM to work.

According to Axxess, all you need to do is insert the SIM into any single or dual SIM smartphone.

Presently, there are two packages up for grabs. An LTE package provides unlimited LTE internet connectivity 24/7 whole the Uncapped Business LTE package offers unlimited LTE access between the hours of 12 am and 7 pm.

Both packages follow Telkom’s standard acceptable use policy with prices as follows:

  • Telkom Uncapped: Axxess - R995 | Afrihost - R999
  • Telkom Uncapped Business: Axxess - R595 | Afrohost -N/A

Speeds on both packages are capped at 10Mbps. Customers will receive speeds of up to 10Mbps for the first 250GB of usage, thereafter they will be throttled down to 4Mbps for the next 50GB. When a total of 300GB has been consumed, then users will be limited to a max speed of 2Mbps for the duration of the month.

Mass downloading and streaming protocols may be further throttled.

These packages are sold on a month-to-month basis with an applicable cancellation policy that covers the first 6 months of usage. For example, if you cancel your Telkom LTE package with Axxess or Afrihost within the first 6 months of from sign-up, then you will be liable to pay a R999 cancellation fee. This is to cover the costs of the SIM and delivery, as well as administrative costs.

The promotion of LTE in South Africa helps fulfil the need for fast and reliable internet in locations that are still waiting for access to fibre broadband.