Funeral cover for extended family

Making end of life arrangements can be challenging, particularly if you feel uncomfortable about discussing the death of a loved one. However, arranging funeral insurance for your extended family can be a compassionate, thoughtful and generous thing to do.

Funerals, cremations and burials can be expensive. Without appropriate funeral insurance cover, you may struggle to give your loved one the send-off he or she deserves.

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What is funeral cover for extended family?

Funeral insurance takes many different forms. As well as purchasing individual funeral insurance, you can choose to take out family funeral insurance cover. This means that numerous people can be covered under just one policy.

With extended family funeral insurance, you can increase this coverage to members of your extended family. Instead of only obtaining funeral insurance for your close family, such as your spouse or children, you can ensure that aunts, uncles, parents and cousins are covered too.

Many extended family funeral policies are tailor-made, so you can cover a wide range of people. From brothers and sisters to nieces and nephews, as well as cousins, grandparents, grandchildren and in-laws, you can choose who you want to add to create the best funeral insurance policy for your family.

However, it’s important to note that your entire extended family won’t be covered automatically. When you take out an extended family funeral insurance policy, you’ll generally need to specify who should be covered by the policy. Of course, many providers will allow you to add people to the policy in the future, should you wish to.

What should extended family funeral insurance include?

When you choose an extended family funeral insurance policy, you’ll be able to specify how much insurance you want to obtain. With higher monthly payments, you may be able to secure a larger pay-out in the event of a death within the family, for example. Alternatively, if you want to keep your monthly costs down, you may opt for budget-friendly, cheap funeral insurance.

Depending on the type of service and burial or cremation you or family members would like to have, you can choose your policy accordingly. However, there are many practicalities which need to be organised following the death of a loved one, so you may want to include these in your extended family funeral insurance policy too.

Many policies include transportation costs, repatriation fees, trauma counselling and/or access to advice lines, for example. As the cost of repatriation and/transportation can be very high, it’s often beneficial to have these included in a policy.

You’ll also want to compare providers in terms of what they require before they will pay-out on the policy. Whilst most providers simply require an official death certificate, others may have additional requirements.

How expensive is extended family funeral cover?

If you’re concerned about the cost of extended family funeral insurance, you needn’t be. In fact, you can obtain extended family funeral cover to suit all budgets. If you’re looking for cheap extended family funeral cover, there are many providers who offer budget-friendly policies and plans.

Before you take out a policy, the provider will tell you how long the cover lasts for, how much it will payout in the event of a death and what the monthly or upfront costs are. If you choose to vary the policy, you can increase or decrease these amounts.

For example, extended family insurance cover which lasts 5 years, will be cheaper than a policy which is valid for 25 years. Similarly, an insurance policy which includes accidental death may be slightly more costly than a policy which only covers deaths by natural causes.

With so many variations available, it’s important to compare extended family funeral insurance before you make a decision. By doing so, you can make sure you choose the best policy for your family and ensure that you’ve chosen the right level of coverage.

Finding the best extended family funeral insurance

Everyone’s family is different, so there’s no universal best extended family funeral cover. However, there is a range of reliable insurance policies which will provide your family with the funeral cover they need.

Whether you’re a member of a large family and you want to ensure you have peace of mind that everyone is covered or whether you want to alleviate the financial burden loved ones may face, extended family funeral insurance cover can provide the financial support you need in times of grief.

To learn more or to find the right policy for your family, compare funeral insurance cover now.

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