Why is my internet so slow?

Whether you use the internet for business or entertainment, there’s nothing more annoying than a slow connection that interrupts your online activities. This especially applies if you have signed a contract that promises a certain average speed, but it’s nowhere near what you’re receiving.

The thing is, however, is that there are a few factors that can affect your overall line quality. So, before you tackle customer service, you may want to work through a checklist to make sure you’re not left with your foot in your mouth.

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Why is my internet slow?

There are several reasons why your connectivity speed is not up to par with your expectations. It may be that you signed up for a slower plan than you are aware of, the fault could lie with the infrastructure providers, or there may be a broken undersea fibre cable that’s effecting your line quality. The problem may also easily be resolved with a simple reboot of your router.

In the end, if your provider can guarantee you that they are delivering the promised speed from their side, then it’s probably a hardware or router placement issue (or there are too many individuals using the same connection at once). If this is the case, then there are “tricks” that you can apply to make your connection faster or, at the very least, more stable.

How to Increase Internet Speed

While we can’t pinpoint the exact cause of your slow internet speed, we can give you a few suggestions to troubleshoot, fix, or simply revive a slow connection where routers are concerned.

Change your Wi-Fi channel

If you haven’t customised your WiFi’s settings, then it’s very likely set on a default channel, which could be shared with other nearby routers. This can cause congestion with speed being the first that’s affected.

All you need to do to set your WiFi to a private channel is:

  • Access Wi-Fi settings
  • Select your preferred Wi-Fi channel from the options displayed in your WLAN settings

While making this adjustment may not incur a significant boost to your speed, it can still improve it.

Change your router’s position

A WiFi signal can degrade when it has to penetrate multiple walls or objects to reach you. It can also be interfered with by appliances and electronic devices in your home (such as microwaves, for example). This means that the placement of your router is important. Ideally, you should position it in a central point in your home away from electronic devices. It also helps to place it high up so that there are fewer objects in the way of the signal.

Invest in a Wi-Fi range extender

One of the easiest ways to boost your router’s capabilities and increase speed is to buy a Wi-Fi range extender.

A WiFi extender is a device that can be used to extend the range of the signal that your WiFi router transmits. While it isn’t designed to increase line speed, it can help improve the strength of your connection, which can make it feel like it’s faster.



Upgrading your hardware, making sure your device has enough memory, and reducing the number of individuals who are using one connection at the same time are other ways to increase the speed of your online activities.

How to Increase Download Speed

If your connection is slow but you need a quick solution to speed up an important download, then you can try one (or more) of these suggestions:

  • Scan for viruses: If your device has a virus, then it could be that this is what’s slowing down your speeds.
  • Check your filters: If you connect to the internet via a line that’s also used for your telephone, then you can increase your download speed by installing an appropriate high-quality filter. 
  • Plug your device directly into your router: WiFi is handy to have but if you can get faster download speeds when you plug your computer straight into your router using a cord. 
  • Have you tried turning it off and on again? This applies to both the device you are downloading to and your internet connection. By restarting a device and your modem, you can flush out a bunch of problems that may be slowing down your speed.
  • Update firmware and software regularly: Routers and modems come with software that needs to be updated regularly for maximum efficiency. By keeping up with these updates you can maintain, if not increase, the fast speeds you’re used to. 

My Internet Is Still Slow

If you have applied all the advice that we have shared above but you are still not happy with your internet’s speed and performance, the next step may be to look for a new and faster internet plan. This should be your last resort, but it could also be the ultimate solution.

Compare Internet Deals

When it comes to internet deals that are fast yet affordable, then you’ll have to do your fair share of shopping around. Alternatively, you could use Money Expert’s safe and easy-to-use quote comparison tool. All you need to do is fill in a few details and you will be supplied with a list of internet plans to revise within minutes. These plans are detailed and come from a variety of professional ISPs who are available to your area.

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