What is the best internet browser?

The internet has become a commodity in many South African homes and with this popularity, individuals are dutifully taking on the task to research the best online browsers. It all makes sense, really - because the right browser can have a massive influence on how you experience the internet. That is, it can make you love the online world or, it can encourage you to loathe it.

In this guide, we’ll list some of the prime internet browser options and we’ll help you to determine which one is ideal for you.

In This Guide:

What is an internet browser?

An internet browser or a “web browser” (or simply a browser), is a type of software that links your internet connection to the actual web pages found online. You can think of it as a gateway to the internet, or your “host” to the online world.

To delve into a brief technical explanation, the main function of an internet browser is to render HTML, the code used to create webpages. So, each time you open a website, your browser will read the code and translate it into the neat and legible pages you are accustomed to.

The 6 Best Browser Options

According to Global Stat’s Statcounter, the following web browsers are the most widely used in Africa. These browsers differ in functionality but they engage a pleasant online experience overall.


Safari is the default browser for all Apple devices, but it can also be downloaded and used on other operating systems. It’s strongest selling-point is speed. It’s a fast operating system that makes hopping from one website to another a breeze. On the downside, it doesn’t get much recognition for security. While it is by no means the most vulnerable web browser, there is still room for improvement in this department.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer was the go-to browser back in the 90s when the internet first started infiltrating homes and small businesses. It eventually fell victim to new competitive browsers, but it still managed to keep its head afloat as a popular online portal. Its age supports its stability with the bonus of a reliable tab management system. Its pitfall is speed – which is notably slower than a few modern browsers.

Google Chrome

Chrome is the brainchild of Google. This means that it has a reputation of excellence to uphold – which it certainly does, in most departments. Chrome is appreciated for its adequate speed, its ability to expand and integrate with Google Applications, and its overall user-friendliness. What most users don’t like about the browser, however, is that it’s resource-hungry. It uses a lot of RAM to operate which can unnecessarily hinder its stability.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox, more commonly just known as “Firefox”, is highly regarded for its flexibility and its ability to adapt well to all operating systems. It is impressively customisable in terms of appearance and also gets plenty of thumbs-up for the vast number of extensions and plugins you can use. It’s a bit slower than its rivals, so it may not be your go-to browser if superior browsing speeds are important to you.

Microsoft Edge

Renowned for being one of the fastest web browsers, Microsoft Edge is fast becoming the favourite for businesses who need to get work done online without lag and interruptions. As a pathway to the internet, it’s also appreciated for its clear security settings and its functionality where you can save websites as apps. The browser is available on all operating systems, except Linux, which is currently its biggest pitfall.


If you are very particular about your settings, then Opera will have your back. From the second you first open the browser, you’ll be able to turn on an ad-blocker, access a built-in VPN for security, and you can also enable browser messaging. Users really enjoy the interface and its one of the simpler, no-nonsense browsers you can use. It can be heavy on your device’s battery, however, and if you’re not plugged into a power-source, then prepare to see the gauge drop quickly.

What is the best internet browser for security?

While it doesn’t make our list for best overall browsers, if security is the most important factor to you when it comes to browsing online, then you may want to investigate an internet browser named “Brave”.

Brave is currently deemed the most secure browser by many tech companies, because it doesn’t collect identifiers which allow the tracking of IP addresses. It also avoids collecting the details of the websites that you visit that have back-end servers.

Which is the best web browser for me?

In the end, it all comes down to personal choice. There are many browsers that are secure and provide other perks, while some less secure browsers may provide you with faster speeds. Think about what you would like to expect from your online activity and decide from there.

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