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Most businesses require a good internet connection in order to function effectively. But with so many service providers jumping for attention, it can be extremely difficult to sift the wheat from the chaff. Business broadband deals can also become shrouded in complicated jargon and very often, the cost seems to be the easiest deciding factor. To help you choose the right type of broadband for your business over and above pricing, we’ve put together a guide that will set you in a direction that will be most befitting for your business.

In This Guide:

What is broadband? 

Broadband is a term that typically refers to an internet connection that’s faster than older dial-up modem-based services. It’s currently the most commonly-used form of internet access because of the high speeds it delivers.

Broadband continues to differ from a dial-up connection in that it’s always on. This is because you do not have to connect via a standard telephone line and the data doesn’t render the telephone line busy as dial-up connections do.

What’s the difference between business broadband and home broadband? 

Business broadband packages are designed to uniquely fit the needs of a business’s operation. Businesses often need to run 24/7 and because of this, internet service providers will prioritise their customer support, supply faster upload speeds, and offer better security. A business will also be supplied with more powerful hardware. Let’s look at these in more detail:  

  • Customer support: If a broadband connection is suddenly interrupted, then this could affect your profits. That’s why most broadband providers will offer businesses 24-hour support with immediate intervention.
  • Better security: Businesses need a potent level of internet security to protect the company’s data as well that of its customers. Business broadband security will, therefore, offer added protection from cyber security threats such as malware, viruses and trojans, and attacks by hackers.  
  • Faster speeds: Business broadband tends to offer faster upload speeds than typical home broadband services. This is because there are potentially going to be more users using the connection at once and companies typically have larger files that need to be shared. 
  • More powerful hardware: With larger business operations, a standard router may not be able to cope with the large number of computers and devices. As a result, broadband providers will typically include more powerful and secure routers in their packages and deals when they are servicing a fully-fledged company.

What types of business broadband are available? 

Broadband for both home use and businesses can be categorised into two types, namely:

  • ADSL: A standard ADSL line could be enough for a small business. ADSL relies on the same line that provides your landline phone service. It’s readily available throughout South Africa and is generally more affordable than the fibre alternative.   
  • Fibre: This option offers greater speeds than ADSL and relies on fibre optic cables to transfer data. Fibre is a good solution for bigger businesses but it’s not yet available in all locations.

Things you should consider before choosing a broadband package 

When you’re choosing a broadband provider for your business, it’s important to compare the services and deals on offer before you decide on a package that’s a good fit for your company. The checklist below will help you to select the best internet service provider suited to your needs:

  • How fast do you need your connection to be? A slow connection can be frustrating for employees and the result is often a drop in workplace productivity. This is especially true if your business has offices in multiple locations or does frequent large uploads. If you run a medium to large business, then you should consider an internet speed that has enough bandwidth.
  • Will you need technical support? If your business relies on a stable, uninterrupted internet connection, then you will need an internet service provider that can also offer technical support. If they can provide you with a service level agreement that’s customised to your operation, then all the better.
  • What type of security do they provide?  You always need to protect your business and your clients from cyber threats and attacks. So, does the ISP you are interested in offer defence procedures and tight security?
  • Is the required equipment included in the package? An ISP may offer your business cheap broadband only for you to discover that the hardware you need comes at an additional and expensive cost. There are, however, some internet providers who will include the hardware as well as warranties into their contracts.

How much will broadband for my business cost?

The cost of your broadband connection will be defined by the type of broadband you choose, the area in which you are located, as well as your preferred line speed. Business broadband deals in South Africa can start anywhere from a couple of hundred rands but if you run a larger company, you may be expected to pay more.

Before you accept the first deal that’s handed to you, we encourage you to shop around and compare broadband quotes and the services on offer. This way, you can find an ISP that meets your budget and your business’s need.

How can I compare quotes? 

You can use our free online tool to do a quick broadband comparison. All you need to do is fill in a brief form and then we will do the “shopping” for you. We will then supply you with a handful of quotes from the best local providers. All you need to do is choose one that suits you and your business’s needs, sit back and enjoy the connection.

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