Best Music Streaming Apps in South Africa

Modern technology has ensured that we are spoilt for choice when it comes to how we listen to our favourite tunes. We’ve got CD players (yes, they do still exist), Mp3 players and other media players, and then there’s the most convenient way of ensuring we get a good dose of music – we’re talking “live streaming”. With so many live streaming apps and supporting internet connection-types available, we can listen to any song we want to at any time. In this guide, we’ll look at the best music streaming apps in South Africa – so that you can make an informed choice on which one will be perfect for you!

In This Guide:

What is a music streaming app?

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s backtrack (no pun intended).  If you are new to streaming music, or if this is the first time you are hearing about a music-streaming “app”, then this explanation is for you:

A music streaming app is a web or mobile application that gives you access to millions of different songs and podcasts. You will need to create an account to retrieve the audio files and create playlists. Once you are signed in, you can listen to your favourite tunes without having to download them.

The Best Music Streaming Services in South Africa

Ultimately, all the options below are great. In the end, the best music app for you will come down to personal preference, the type of device you have, your budget, and what type of content you prefer listening to.


SoundCloud is popular for its wide selection of both mainstream music and less popular songs. The platform is largely dominated by upcoming and underground musicians, giving you the opportunity to support the underdogs before they become famous. You’ll also find a great selection of local tunes to jam to.

Compatibility: Android and iOS.

Price: Free to listeners (musicians/artists pay for a channel).

Apple Music

Apple Music boasts a library of over 30 million songs and includes some nifty functionality to boot. For example, you can create playlists, use prompts to discover new songs, and access curated playlists that are recommended to you based on the music you’ve previously streamed. Of course, all these unique and custom options come at a price – but, if you’re crazy about music, you’ll find great value for money here.

Compatibility: Works best on iOS but it’s still compatible with Android.

Price: R59.99 for one user or R89.99 for up to six users on one account.


From music videos to audio files, the YouTube app allows you to access a myriad of remixes, covers, and albums new and old. You can create your own playlist, or you can rely on the app to automatically generate a continuous thread of songs to stream based on your previous search and listening history.

Compatibility: Android and iOS.

Price: The app is free to use but if you subscribe to the Premium version at R59.99 per month, you’ll have access to more features, and you’ll get to ditch the ads!


The Tidal music streaming app offers incredible sound quality and a library that boasts more than 30 million songs from artists around the globe. It’s also versatile in that you can use it to watch your favourite music videos too (ad-free might we add). With Tidal, you’ll get curated lists, music identification, and music-discovering tools – all in one super easy-to-use user-interface.

Compatibility: Android and iOS.

Price: You can access a 30-day free trial thereafter the fee is upwards of R139.99 per month.


Spotify is internationally recognised as one of the best music streaming apps around. It features over 30 million songs and can integrate with your Facebook account. Not only is it great to use online, but premium users also have the option to download some songs for free, which is great if you’re not always connected to the net. You’ll be able to browse through tons of playlists and save your favourites for later.

Compatibility: Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Price: Spotify is free if you don’t mind the ads and limited functionality. However, if you want the royal carpet experience, you can upgrade to their premium package for R59.99 per month.

Prime Music

Prime Music is the child of Amazon Prime and allows you to stream audio files you have purchased from Amazon. There are over a million songs and playlists to browse through and play online – or, you can also download and save songs to listen to offline.  

Compatibility: Android and iOS.

Price: Prime Music costs R89.99 per month or you can opt for the family plan (which holds up to 6 members) for R99 per month.

Google Play Music

The Google Play Music App is another popular global choice with over 30 million ad-free songs from any genre you can think of. The functionality allows you to create your own radio station with all your favourite tunes, and constantly gives you new song recommendations based on your listening habits.  

Compatibility: Android and iOS.

Price: The app is free to use for basic functionality or you can opt for the premium subscription to access added nifty features.

How to Make Sure You Have the Best Internet Connection for Streaming

To stream the best music, you need an internet connection that will support the audio content you want to stream. If you are currently battling with lag or interruptions, it may be worth putting your feelers out for cheap internet deals that come with faster speeds. Use our free online quote comparison tool to quickly and easily compare quotes from the different internet providers in your area.

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